Tilt Platform 2017 | Exhibition Nameless

***Featured image: Mika Rottenberg – Minus Yiwu, 2017 ©Mika Rottenberg 

Exhibition Nameless

Opening: 4 August 2017 at 20.00
Duration: 4 – 20 August 2017
Opening hours: Mon – Sun: 19.30 – 24.00
Venue: Building Beau Rivage, Loutraki seaside

The exhibition Nameless is the first exhibition of the newly founded TILT platform. “Nameless” presents 23 Greek and international artists with works exploring contemporary challenges and experiences, through sound, video, films, installations, and performance.

The societies we live in are in constant flux creating a state of uncertainty for many communities which are positioned as external players. The changes in political and social mechanisms, the promises of an ever evolving technological field and the new ways of living, generate a hyperactive atmosphere in which we constantly need to adapt. Our daily experience seems to be constrained within an uncertain trajectory and the task of assigning meaning to words and feelings is not an easy one. In this context of precariousness and acceleration, the terms of the game are ceaselessly redefined, leaving usually little room for reaction.

The exhibition Nameless aims to showcase an extensive reference to situations and experiences responding to this challenging reality and shed light on the unexplored reactions of human beings within a fluid environment. It also aims at highlighting the act of naming. This is an act that primarily consists of our ability to literally assign names to phenomena through language, and thus explore their meaning. This act is indeed powerful as we create a better way to communicate with one another while at the same time we organize the symbolic systems that shape our perception and upon which our life is dependent.

Participating artists: Babis Venetopoulos, Lina Theodorou, Eva Papamargariti, Nektarios Pappas, Yioula Chatzigeorgiou, Janis Rafailidou, Medea Electronique, Tony Maslic, Yiannis Isidorou, Kalliopi Lemos, Mika Rottenberg, Stelios Dexis & Myrto Vounatsou, Nikos Arvanitis, Alex Papaioannou, Danai Simou.

Curated by: Takis Zerdevas, Makis Faros, Katerina Gkoutziouli

TILT Platform collaborates with two artistic platforms, namely Miden Festival represented by the curator Gioula Papadopoulou and the artists IP Yuk-Yiu, Ullrich Klose, Jeroen Cluckers, Sandrine Deumier & Philippe Lamy, and the Museum of Forgetting (Sweden) represented by artists: Konstantin Economou and Klitsa Antoniou.

* The work of Mika Rottenberg is courtesy of the artist the PCAI collection.

Events during the Exhibition Opening (Aug 4): 
21.00 | Yioula Chatzigeorgiou: Happy Birthday, performance
21.30 | Lina Theodorou: Pawnshop: a financial board game inspired by the contemporary greek reality

Digital Platform Vibration code
The platform Vcode parasitizes and spreads in the public space. A real but also conceptual connection of physical space to the Internet. Site-specific images, videos and music will come up to your mobile or tablet screen via a custom designed application. A drop of the uncanny in the daily life of the city. The first experimental Vcode is realized with the collaboration of the Focus School students: Eirini Aggelidi, Lea Abatzoglou, Stella Anastasopoulou, Panos Mazarakis, Eva Besleme, Nadia Panagopoulou, Rita Tsela, Fillipos Ferentinos and our artist friends: music band Sister, Gioula Papadopoulou, M.F., Yasemi Rapti, among others.


TILT is a platform of creative people including artists, researchers and theorists. The TILT platform creates and presents art projects; it explores and intervenes in the public space and on the Internet. Its main goal is to research, identify and highlight the new processes and phenomena that have begun to emerge and dominate our lives. Through art and technology, the TILT platform aims to create conceptual tools or at least a framework and the conditions that these tools can be born and transmitted. The TILT platform is a transmitter of enquiries, an open research lab, a survival workshop.

TILT platform consists of: Zoi Pirini, Takis Zerdevas, Makis Faros, Katerina Gkoutziouli. The TILT platform is constantly expanding.