Fulbright Award 2020-2021

I am very happy and honoured to have been selected among the Grantees for 2020-2021. Next year, I will be visiting the Santa Fe Art Institute to undertake research about Artificial Intelligence emerging technologies and artistic practices that challenge and respond to the ongoing technological developments.

The focus is on artistic practices and theoretical discourse of new forms of power facilitated by digital technologies that have emerged in recent years at global level, and more specifically in Europe and the U.S. Exploring strategies in contemporary art and visual culture broadly, my research will focus on investigating power articulations and its repercussions in a universe of mega platforms, artificial intelligence, cloud and network infrastructures and services.

Each year Fulbright scholarship recipients embark on trans-Atlantic exchanges that bring forth a world of new scholarly and professional opportunities and collaborations as well as a greater personal understanding of another culture and country. Fulbright Greece is grateful for the support of the governments of the United States and the Hellenic Republic as well as the generosity and commitment of our donors in supporting the continuity and growth of Fulbright Programs.  

For academic year 2020–2021, the Fulbright Foundation awarded 62 scholarships—32 to Greek citizens and 30 to U.S. citizens—continuing a 72-year tradition of excellence.

You can check my profile @Fulbright page here: https://www.fulbright.gr/en/grantees/greek-grantees-profiles/fulbright-foreign-student-program/artist-residency